Healthy choices build a better you ... one-day, one-meal and one-workout at-a-time!

Meet Coach Beckie

Hi Builders!

     I'm Coach Beckie, a double Masters prepared ACE Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Project Management Professional. I'm also a former Division I college athlete, personal trainer & tennis club professional with a lifelong commitment to fitness & health.

     However, I got derailed from my healthy lifestyle. Has something like that happened to you?

     Well for me, it was an accident that took place during a triathlon competition. Click here to learn about the "unexpected turn" that put me in a coma for six-weeks. Within two-years, I gained an incredible amount of weight, my fitness & health levels dropped, and I completely lost my athlete identity.

     In merging my areas of expertise in project management, behavior change and fitness & health, I developed the Build UR Best U process that allowed me to ACCEPT my new reality which enabled me to get ALIGNED with it and empowered to me to the right ACTIONS.

     And because of this, I was able to get my life and fitness & health back on-track!  

     I've since earned my MBA degree, PMP and ACE Health Coaching certifications, completed a TEDx Talk, ran three marathons, three half marathons, am at a healthy weight, and my blood work levels are all within a healthy range :-) 

     Wanting to share what I created with others was a catalyst for starting my professional speaking and health coaching business, Build UR Best U, LLC.

     I now coach people who were derailed from the life they knew ACCEPT their new reality so that they can ALIGN with and take ACTION on building the life they know is possible!   

     Unlike other programs that prescribe what will work for you, the Build UR Best U process is the most efficient way to move into the life you were born to lead! 

     My husband John and I enjoy an active & healthy lifestyle with our border collie/ lab mix, Cooper. John and I have different approaches to our healthy lifestyle preferences but know that it takes healthy choices to build a better you.

     We've learned to just take it one-day, one-meal and one-workout at-a-time! And, we aren't afraid to "get a little dirty" on the weekends ;-) ;-)

     We invite you to join our community and become a Builder! Don't let what derailed you change you! Instead, build your best you!  

    Welcome to the Build UR Best U Community!  

Coach Beckie

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