What derails you, changes you. But, don't let what changed you, define you!

Meet Coach Beckie

Hi Builders!

     I'm Coach Beckie, a double Masters prepared ACE Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavior Change Coach and Project Management Professional. With a background as a former Division I college athlete, personal trainer & tennis club professional, I'm committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

     But like many, I experienced a derailment from my healthy lifestyle and the life I knew. Maybe for you, it was an illness, injury, a stressful job, etc. For me, it was an accident during a triathlon. Click here to learn about the "unexpected turn" that put me in a coma for six-weeks. Within two years, I faced weight gain, decreased fitness, and a loss of identity.

     In merging my areas of expertise in project management, behavior change and fitness & health, I developed the Build UR Best U process that allowed me to ACCEPT my new reality which enabled me to get ALIGNED with it and empowered to me to the right ACTIONS.

     And because of this, I was able to get back on-track and move into the life I want!  

     Since then, I've achieved numerous milestones: earning my MBA, PMP and ACE Health Coaching certifications, delivering a TEDx Talk, completing three marathons and three half marathons, reaching a healthy weight, maintaining optimal blood work levels, creating a career that I love, and marrying the man of my dreams :-) 

     Inspired by my success and a desire to share my journey, I founded Build UR Best U, LLC with a mission to empower individuals who have been derailed from the life they knew to move forward into the healthy life they want.    

     Unlike other programs, the Build UR Best U process doesn't prescribe solutions. Instead, it empowers you to create a personalized plan for success. You'll transform from feeling disappointed and discouraged to PROUD, ENCOURAGED & EMPOWERED!

     My husband John and I embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. While we have our own unique preferences, we understand that it takes healthy choices to build a better you. And, because of this, we just take it one-day, one-meal and one-workout at-a-time with being sure to treat ourselves by getting "a little dirty" on the weekend ;-) ;-)

     We invite you to join our community and become a Builder! Don't let what derailed you change you!
Instead, Build UR Best U!  

    Welcome to the Build UR Best U Community!  

Coach Beckie

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