Healthy choices build a better U!


Your five-step building block process to re-build your inner athlete.

One-day, One-meal and One-workout at-a-time!

The five-step building block process
is the only way
to re-build your inner athlete so that you can 
create and execute a fitness & health plan that works for you!

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Health Coaching

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Fitness Nutrition

I coach former athletes who were
derailed from their healthy lifestyle
re-build their inner athlete 
in three months.

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"In 2018, I ran the Chicago Marathon but since then, I’ve let my fitness and diet slip. But Build UR Best U is teaching me all sorts of ways to get back on track. Did you know that using a smaller plate helps you eat less? Not only that, it helps you feel fuller! Just one of the tricks I’m learning to get back into marathoner shape!"

Anita M.
What I'm Learning from Build UR Best U

"My Mom, or as U know her, Coach Beckie, makes my walks so fun! We even go out on a few runs a week which I love! However, I'm a senior dog so she keeps an eye out for me to make sure that I stay within my limits. I'm fighting my age every-step-of-the-way and know that staying active is key! If U have a dog then why not find a way to incorporate their walks into UR workouts? ...I'm just sayin' :-) "

#1 Gacki Dog who knows staying active is key!

"I used to be an avid runner, but work and family commitments started to encroach on my running time and I ended up stopping altogether. Though I greatly missed running and always intended to start again, after 10 years, I really wasn't sure I could. I'd aged a few years and gained some weight. Coach Beckie introduced me to the five building blocks of the Build UR Best U program and how I could create the plan that was right for me. With her knowledge, support and encouragement, I learned exactly what I needed to do to reach my goal and how to sustain it. And best of all, now that I've reached my weight and fitness goal, I have the energy to keep up with my young kids!"

Ginger C.
Learned how to create the plan that was right for me!

"Completing The Building Blocks Blueprint™ one-on-one training sessions helped to get me started in reaching a healthier lifestyle. Coach Beckie gave me the tools that helped me personalize my weight loss project that made it work for me.""

Amy D.
Reaching a Healthier Lifestyle

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